Unprecedented times require actions and entrepreneurship.

For this reason, Quattro Creative and Hungry Days in Town asbl have decided to join forces to create a new revenue channel for the Food and Beverage industry in Luxembourg.

The sector is one of the most affected worldwide by the measures to prevent the spread of COVID19: farmers and producers have stopped supplying their ingredients to restaurants; restaurants have closed their kitchens and stopped receiving customers; customers have lost the opportunity to enjoy a moment of conviviality.

While the Government has taken measures to reduce the financial burden on the fixed costs of the industry, the revenue side is left to the initiatives of the singles. And revenue means ideas, investment, future.

With this platform we want to give customers the opportunity to invest in the future of their favorite restaurants and producers: the purchase of a voucher* for a future meal or a product is not just an act of solidarity. It’s a bet on the future. A better one.

*Vouchers can be redeemed until December 31, 2021.

How it works for producers and restaurant owners

1) Register your activity.

2) Insert an offer: a voucher for a lunch or dinner, a product, at a face value or at a discounted price.

3) Withdraw funds from the platform at any time!

How it works for customers

1) Register your account.

2) Browse and choose vouchers from your favorite producers and restaurants.

3) Redeem your voucher until December 31, 2021

About us

Quattro Creative is a full service design studio based in Luxembourg, created by 2 designers with different backgrounds, but animated by the same passion. Together with our clients we make ideas happen.

Hungry Days in Town is a non-profit organization created in 2019 by France Clarinval and Giovanni Farinella with the objective to promote positive gastronomic trends (social impact, sustainability, …) in the territory of the Grand Duchy. France is a journalist and food critic with 20 years of experience. Former editor in chief of Explorator (by Maison Moderne), she is now at RTL Luxembourg. Giovanni is a tech marketing manager, F&B management consultant and food contributor at Identità Golose.